Felicia Frauke Bichard and John-Paul Bichard

“Power couple Bichard Studios Fräulein Frauke & JP Bichard produces grand burlesque- cabaret and jazz shows all over Sweden. With a passion for art, pushing bounderies and burlesque they are some of the most respected producers in Europe! Biggest productions are The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival (Application is open til May 15!) and Fräulein Frauke …

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Kiki Chérie

Kiki Chérie is a Swedish/Finnish burlesque performer, currently living in Oslo, Norway. She is a classically trained dancer, who also competed in Streetdance/Hiphop during her younger years. She has bumped and grinded her way into the hearts of audiences all over the world since 2013 with her perfect combination of musicality, flirtacious personality and superb …

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