Silly Thanh

Silly Thanh is an Exotic performer working and living in Geneva, Switzerland. She mixes her Vietnamese heritage with an addiction for vintage costumes and rhinestones in her acts, reminiscent of the 1920s and Golden Age of burlesque. She is known as the most introverted showgirl… SweeTease – fine burlesque show – is her bi annual production on the Moulin Rouge Geneva stage.

1 What do you look for in an act.

The emotions it makes me feel, really.

2 What was the best booking you ever made.

I can’t answer this one, all the bookings were jaw-dropping acts, wonderful performers and/or talented friends

3 Top 3 dream line up.

I think all the shows I did so far had my dream line up, every time.

4 How do you think the scene has changed.

It’s competitive, the search for a suitable venue is tough, the fight for selling tickets is real; also, the politics and controversies are getting too much space backstage and behind the scenes, making the lineup choice more difficult.

5 Do you think promoting has become easier or harder.

It has always been a work of love and not a run for profit, and still is, in the huge majority of production.

6 What made you start promoting.

I wanted to build a connoisseur audience in Geneva and show them the best of burlesque, its variety and extremes, and of course my favorite artist and acts.

7 What are your top tips for performers applying for one of your shows.

I only invite artists I saw live onstage or those who touched my heart and soul in their videos. So, if you are an artist I never met yet and if you would like to send me your videos, pick your favorites, the ones you are most proud of.

8 What does a timeline of key events, for a producer/ promoter look like for a show?

6-12 months before: confirm the venue and date of show, set the budget and create your team of helpers who are essential for your sanity and happiness*

4-6 months before: build the lineup, confirm the bookings, accommodation and travels*

3-4 months before: start promotion, posters and flyers*

2 months before: promotion *

1 month before: finalize the act lineup, musics and tech details, continue promotion *

2 weeks before: start stressing about everything, promotion*

1 week before: panic, promotion mad dash*

The eve: try to sleep, find the last props which will be forbidden on airplanes, breathe*

D-day: except the unexpected, believe in your super powers and thank your team.

9 What was your first show like ?any hic ups ?

It went surprisingly well, all considered. The London flight to Geneva was cancelled for two artists while they were on board… They had to run to another airport and arrived at the venue minutes before showtime. I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism and patience.

10 Biggest achievement so far ?

Actually producing a show which people enjoy and return to.

14 Plans for the future ?

Bigger, bolder, longer? But keeping the quality of the shows is a priority.

15 What makes you unique as a producer ?

I do what I love and treat everyone the way I would like to be treated, as an artist, a staff member and an audience member. Oh, and I am the silliest of all…

16 And what’s the best thing for you about being a show producer?

Seeing the smiles, tears and joy from the audience and the cast

17 Advice for new producers or anyone considering going into it:

Best of luck, go for it, surround yourself with trustful and reliable people, enjoy every moments. And don’t expect to be money richer.

18 Do promoters/ producers have little sisters and brothers who they help/allow to shadow/ mentor with the ways of putting on a show effectively?

We talk to each other, actually quite a lot, and we have our besties who take care of us and vice versa. We are complementary in our styles, tastes and work; it brings up the level of diversity and quality of the burlesque scene in general.

19 What are your turn on’s and turn off’s when it comes to performers?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a producer in possession of his/her mind, must be in want of not only the best artists but also the nicest, most gentle and uplifting. Life onstage and backstage and after the show is so much funnier and enriching if you take part in it with a good mood.

20 What would you like people to know about your job that isn’t common knowledge?

You giggle and tease, knowing the legal names and age and seeing the passport photos…

21 Why do you do it?

Because I love it so much.

22 How can we as an industry reach out to new audience members?

I am amazed at how little known burlesque still is as a performing art, compared to dance, drag shows and circus. We could reach out new audiences in attending their shows, working together and incorporating other performance artists.

23 Glitter. Love it or hate it?

Love it with moderation, my OC tendency cringes…
Instagram @silly_thanh and SweeTease – fine Burlesque show