Fifi La Roux

FIFI LA ROUX The reigning Miss Burlesque Dublin and Amsterdam Burlesque Awards Queen of Neo Burlesque, Fifi La roux is “The burlesque clown with a liberal sprinkling of glitter!” Trained in the aerial and circus arts Fifi La Roux is an award winning Irish performer and one of Ireland’s leading producers. Producing shows and events since 2014, Fifi has ran a series of cabaret shows, open stages, theatre productions, music festival installations, exhibitions and more. Fifi’s main brain child show is “the Emporium Series” which thrives on bringing international performers to the emerald isle to help our scene continue to grow. She is also one half of the very first Cork Burlesque Festival

1 Do you think promoting has become easier or harder.

Harder. Sooooo much more harder. For me I produce my shows from a different country (I’m still searching for the perfect venue home for the Fox and Flamingo show Yorkshire mind you so I really a lot on online promotion. You need to stay on the ball with how the free online platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are changing.
Also just being able to talk to people to their face about your shows goes a long way!

2 What made you start promoting.

I love creating and I love pushing for the highest quality. I wanted to contribute more to the scene than just performing. I also realised that there’s performers out there who can tell a certain story or portray an emotion better than I can. If people can help your visions come through why not use that?!
If I see an act I love I want EVERYONE to see it.
I also really love organising. It’s basically my porn.

3 What are your top tips for performers applying for one of your shows.

I’m never going to accept an act without a video unless I’ve specifically seen your act and booked it myself. Rehearsal videos are fine for me but please do them in full hair, costume and makeup and act like you’re performing to a live audience. And do not cut the “reveal” out of the video. If I don’t know what happens at the end I can’t guarantee it’s a safe act for my stage.
Have a clear idea of your rates and a clear idea of the going rates of the show you are applying to. Ireland is quite different from the UK in what we get paid. Doing your research in what show you’re applying to is vital in that regard. I have people apply to the Emporium with big LED acts when there’s no lighting in the venue. (If you’re outside of Ireland I let that slide but if you’re in Ireland I recommend you come to a show and see what the space and vibe is like so you know what the perfect act to apply with is.)
Also if you’ve applied, please don’t pester! I only answer those who are successful but I also have every act and video saved in a lovely spreadsheet. Unless you have a new act! I always want to see a new act.
I also prefer YouTube/Vimeo links over transfers!

4 What was your first show like ?any hic ups ?

My first show was actually a dream. Apart from I put it on two nights and took a BIG hit the second night. Remember to do your budgets!! Rookie mistake!
But my first show was a Circus theatre show based off Dublin Ghost stories.
I had 8 circus, burlesque and theatre performers create an act for a true ghost story I gave them.
I did have our original acrobatic duo drop out less than a month to the show but the pair that replaced them were even better. Though the second night one of the performers were very hungover. They’re lucky I wasn’t as hard as I am now!
We sold out the first night and got a standing ovation for both shows.
It’s actually one I’m planning to apply for arts council funding and do again!

5 Plans for the future

The first ever Cork Burlesque Festival 2019.
April 4th-6th.
It’s gonna be good.

6. What makes you unique as a producer ?

I don’t think I’m a unique producer at all! Anyone can do what I do.
What I do think I’m good at is listening and pushing for quality. Currently my shows in Ireland always have an international performer so that people who can’t travel can see what is out there and be inspired.

7. And what’s the best thing for you about being a show producer

The people who have shown how much my shows mean to them. I work very hard to make them spooner and fork friendly. (Within Ireland’s venues capacity) I’ve wanted to take a break for myself but they mean a lot to too many people for me to do that. Their support gives me life.

8. Advice for new producers or anyone considering going into it

I have a whole workshop actually! If you want a Skype lesson hit your girl up!
But mainly, produce the show you’d want to perform in.
AND if you can’t afford to put on a show, don’t.

9. Do promoters/ producers have little sisters and brothers who they help/allow to shadow/ mentor with the ways of putting on a show effectively?

I don’t but I’d happily take someone under my wing who is willing to learn.

10 What would you like people to know about your job that isn’t common knowledge?

I’m always, ALWAYS, working. I’m always scouting, I’m always researching on how to promote, I’m always typing up contracts, etc etc etc. Im always exhausted.
The best way to contact me is by email, not Facebook. It’s the closest I get to allowing myself normal business hours!

11 Why do you do it?

Honestly, because I need to.
I love it. It gives me life.

12 How can we as in industry reach out to new audience members?

More shows in an area can only help build a scene. Work with each other instead of against each other.
Look at pubs on a street. Generally they’ll all be aware of what each other’s doing and supportive. No pub is ever going to tell another not to have a pub quiz because they do one
I actually have a little segment of the emporium where I highlight all the upcoming shows (unless they are an unsafe space).
Encouraging my audience to support the scene only helps it grow.

13 Glitter. Love it or hate it?

If it’s bio degradable, yes. I personally swear by Millie Dollar Beauty glitter.
Also if it’s not used as an after thought.
Just make sure you’ve packed a mess sheet and anything that can help with tidying your mess. You will easily because my stage manager’s favourite and she’s a hella lot more important than me!