Cadbury Parfait

Cadbury Parfait is a British born burlesque performing living and partying in Berlin, she turned her hand to producing back in 2018 alongside her friend Charlotte Hook. Extravagant Shambles has become a promising and exciting production company showcasing some of the best performers on the scene.

1 What do you look for in an act.

Something that demands attention- Is it engaging? Does it make me smile, excite me or even scare me? There has to be an emotional response to the piece.

2 What was the best booking you ever made

Two knock outs come to mind. The first would be Harley Queen. She travelled from Sweden to perform her kinky latex kitty act for our “Gentlemen Prefer Nudes” show. The act is punctuated with a stage kitten leading Harley around the stage on a leash and pouring milk over Harley’s topless body. It’s been three months since and my office mates are still talking about it. The second is Adele, a French performance artist. She reached out to Extravagant Shambles through our Facebook page asking for an available spot in our next show. The fifteen minute set up time for her shadow box dance was nearly a deal breaker, but we took a chance. In the end, it proved to be worth the wait. Her performance was so captivating that the crowd was silent for the entire twenty minutes of her act.

3 Top 3 dream line up.

Perle Noire for her activism around the celebration of black and brown bodies. Chris Oh! Christopher Olwage Because Oh! MY GOD, he blows my mind. Rubyyy Jones to give the middle finger to society and what is sexy and femme.

4 Do you think promoting has become easier or harder.

Social media is making everything easier. You’re able to see performance footage and know exactly who you are booking.

5 What are your top tips for performers applying for one of your shows?

Be yourself and do your worst – meaning take big risks. Extravagant Shambles was created for two reasons to provide a platform for new performers and to spotlight diversity in race, gender, size, age, disability –even art form. Take the opportunity and run with it.

6 What does a timeline of key events, for a producer/ promoter look like for a show?

My co-producer and I always sit down with a glass (bottle) of wine establish a theme. The theme allows us to craft a narrative. The same night, we start to research and source established performers taking risks and new performers who are ready for an opportunity through social media. Then, begins negotiations of fee, decisions about the line up order, additional entertainment bookings, etc. We try to have everything organised and ready to go weeks before the show, so all the performers need to do is show up for tech and get ready. Smooth sailing for everyone.

7 What was your first show like? Any hiccups?

I nearly forgot a stage kitten, but luckily a colleague stepped in and saved the day. Thank you, Sarah!

8 Biggest achievement so far ?

It’s very simple to succeed with Extravagant Shambles:

9 Plans for the future?

Preparations are in full swing for Extravagant Shambles presents “Tits, Bits and Politics” on 23rd May at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. My co-producer and I have “muggle” jobs, so it can be a bit of a juggling act organising a show. After that, we’re off with another glass (bottle) of wine to start the process all over again. Any ideas for an autumnal show name? We’re thinking about Extravagant Shambles presents “Winter is Coming”.

10 What makes you unique as a producer?

The fact that I’m new on the scene as a producer keeps me approachable and laid back. I have a life long history of performing, but producing is a new hat. Luckily, my co-producer works in PR and events so she is the real organisational mind.

11 And what’s the best thing for you about being a show producer

Giving the spotlight to someone fighting for it and on top of that, paying them fairly.

12 Advice for new producers or anyone considering going into it

Ask yourself why. Is it because you’re unhappy with what you’re seeing in certain shows? Or perhaps you think there is another genre of burlesque that has yet to be explored? Produce to fill a gap or solve a problem.

13 Do promoters/ producers have little sisters and brothers who they help/allow to shadow/ mentor with the ways of putting on a show effectively?

Yes, but informally. La Viola Vixen has been a great help to me, as has Scott Grabell the Blue Bunny. Plus, I have a great network of burly gals who are honest and open.

14 What are your turn on’s and turn off’s when it comes to performers?

It’s very simple to succeed with Extravagant Shambles: Be on time and bring the energy, no matter who you are. Even Swarovski crystals loose their shine when the wearer behaves badly.

15 Why do you do it?

To escape the mundaneness of everyday life. The applause and the laughter help too.

16 How can we as in industry reach out to new audience members?

Direct connection is the best way to connect with new audience members. Promoters and performers can always grow their reach and crack new demographics by including people from all parts of their life. Every show we’ve ever had my whole office attends. Same with my co-producer.

17 Glitter. Love it or hate it?

Love it– guilty as charged. I am, however, becoming aware of their effect on the environment and looking for other alternatives.