Trixie Blue “An Introduction to Seduction”

An Introduction to Seduction
The question is this… do you dare enter the realm of seduction?
Discover your ‘blue’ side and set pulses racing with House of Trixie Blue’s sizzling masterclass: An our Introduction to Seduction.
The Sapphire of Seduction herself (Trixie Blue), will guide you through this tantalising mini masterclass, created to bring out your inner sauce pot. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to unleash their seductive side; for performance or pleasure purposes (ooh er). 
Over the past 8 years, Trixie has conducted theoretical and practical research in the realm of seduction and has put it to the test at burlesque shows across the UK. By using burlesque & striptease elements (don’t worry peepz, there is no nudity), Trixie will teach you the basics of seduction through performance, plus share with you her secret tips to have an audience or partner seduced in a blink of an eye.
As with every House of Trixie Blue workshop, we pride ourselves on professionalism but we definitely do not take life too seriously. This workshop aim is to introduce you to seduction in a relaxed and friendly manner, for a giggle or to inject some new found skills into your own performance.

Performer Bio:
The International multi-award winning burlesque enchantress (Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 at the Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival, Bohemian Princess 2017 at the Bohemian Burlesque Festival Prague & 2016 1st Runner up title at the British Crown at the World Burlesque Games), Trixie Blue, is highly acclaimed for her seductive prowess and jaw dropping performances, captivating audiences for a decade.
Her repertoire showcases the beauty and debauchery of burlesques transgressive form; from fierce seduction in Trixie’s interpretation of Fran from the film Strictly Ballroom to her playful, sensual striptease acts. Not only this, Trixie is an established compère & show producer, hosting shows throughout the UK, predominantly her North East home. Her academic prose, quick wit and terrible dating stories leaves audiences giggling in their boots.