Trixi Tassels Tassel Twirling secrets

Trixi Tassels is your resident tassel-twirling temptress, winning the coveted ‘Best Technique’ trophy at the 2013 Stockholm Burlesque Festival tassel twirling competition. Her twirling secrets come from body isolation technique which she developed during a previous career as an Egyptian-style bellydancer. In 2008 Trixi discovered the world of burlesque through Australian super-troupe Sugar Blue Burlesque. She performed and taught with Sugar Blue Burlesque until moving to London in 2011 where she has been based ever since, performing regularly throughout the UK and Europe, and now co-teaching beginner and advanced burlesque courses with Luscious Burlesque. 

If you’re looking to improve your tasselling skills beyond ‘bounce up & down or shimmy and hope for the best’ then drop by this masterclass by twirling pro, Trixi Tassels! You will learn all methods of how to get controlled twirls, including the bounce, shoulder and ribcage techniques, single and double twirls, synced and alternating twirls. These methods give you total control over the direction and synchronisation of your twirls and the main techniques use only the upper body so you are free to move around the stage gracefully.