Miss Cherry on Fire “How to brush out your pin curls”

“How to brush out your pin curls”
I will have my pin curls (babylease) set ready to take it out and show you how I style the front section in a S shape and brush out the rest into a glamorous vintage curl set.

Please be aware:
– Shoulder length hair cut to a horseshoe shape is perfect for this styles 

I am a self taught in Vintage hair on my own hair type (Unfortunately I can’t talk about all kind of beautiful hair types out there). 

Please check out those babes on Instagram for more on other types of hair.

I am an experienced Brazilian pin up model and I enter the world of burlesque working as a stage manager. My stage name is Miss Cherry on Fire and I embrace the vintage look, old glamour era and this comes on my acts with the mix of my Latin side to delivery teasing sexy performances. I have performed in the UK, America, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil. I am the Slavic Burlesque Queen 2017 and Best of Classic 2018 on the Croatia Burlesque Festival. I have modeled for Vivien of Holloway, Love ur Look, Tatty Devine, Bow and Crossbones and more.

Miss Cherry on Fire
Burlesque Performer/Pin Up/Vintage/Alternative Model