Burlesque Legend – Camille 2000

Camille 2000

Camille 2,000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. She introduced Aggressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis de Sade. many said at the time that is wasn’t Burlesque that it was performance art, but it was Burlesque. Camille choreographed this act herself. At the time Burlesque was losing the audience to Live Nude Dance, & Lap Dance, so she was trying to keep the audience & this performance did draw customers.

In the beginning of her career, She did Fan dances & prop work choreographed by famous Burlesque Choreographer Paul Markoff. Work tight fitting gown’s & did the old style burlesque. Her original act was with a pair of stuff cockatoos. Travelled all over the world doing her lead lining show.

The last 10 years of her career she also choreographed the Black Widow a stunning act where she is a Black Widow spider & kills her self in the end. Very Strong show, like no on had done.

In the 1980’s Camille became a member of Screen’s Actor’s Guild getting a part playing opposite Iggy Pop, Playing a dominatrix name Velvet.

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Camille at BHOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3r_WC_RFlk

Her webpage

About the Performer

1 How do you feel about being referred to as a legend?

It makes me smiles The Burlesque world is saving my life these days by honouring my work.

2 What made you choose burlesque over an alternate form of art? 


3 What was your favourite act to perform? 

Black Widow & Tribute to Marquis de Sade

4 What was your favourite piece of costume? 

Hedy Jo Star Gown

5 What boundaries did you set yourself when determining how racey/provocative an act should be? 

I didn’t work real strong once u worked strong U would have to keep it up. I had an act & I didn’t need to show the inside of my vergina

6 What is your favourite cocktail?

Besides champagne a very very dirty martini

8 What is the top adventure that performing burlesque brought you? 

Becoming an actress & member of Screen Actors Guild.working with Burt Reynolds.

9 Do you have a funny adventure/story that you would like to share with us.

Me & Viva La Fever were leaving a gay bar these undercover cops tried to pick me up & I told them to go fuck themselve. They locked me up. I had to go to court the next day. l was still high from what ever drugs I was on the judge name was Judge GAbriel so I thought it was judgment day. He asked how I plead, I said guility, no not guilty , no contest. I plead everything because I was so high & thought it was judgement day funny now but no funny then. Viva helped me get thru it .lol

10 What city/ festival/ show was your favourite to perform at.

New York & Hollywood I always got such nice gifts from stage door johnnies.

11 What other dancers inspired you at the time? 

Gypsey Rose LEE, Blaze Starr 

12 Would you do it all over again? If so would you change anything.

Yes I would do it all over again. But I think I would have gone after an acting career instead I just fell into it.

13 What incentives interest you most when promoters want to feature you or bring you out of retirement whether for Q&A’s, shows, workshops to remind new generations of burlesque that you paved the path? 

To tell the difference of how it was from today. The first 10 years of my career I did classic, fans, birds, boas etc. the last 10 years I introduce agressive art to burlesque some said that wasn’t burlesque that it was performing art. But my numbers opened the door for what is Neo Burlesque today. They are calling me the “God mother of Neo Burlesque” I will take it. thanks

About the Burlesque Scene

How things have changed through the years in the eyes of a Burlesque legend …

14 You’ve seen a lot change in the burlesque world. What are some of the good and not so good changes you’ve seen?

I am happy they can do performaces beside classic. What I don’t like is performers getting on the floor. My cheographer told me a Star never gets on the floor. I traveled with a prop.

15 What’s one thing you want to see for the burlesque scene in the future? 

Keep growing & expanding & keeping Burlesque alive. It has save my life.

16 What pain is worth/ necessary to suffering to achieve greatness in our field? What’s the most important quality a true artist should posses? 

To be humble & proud at the same time.

17 What qualities in the individual dancers make a successful troupe?

Working together & sharing the spotlight 

18 Do you like the direction burlesque has taken – do you think it has strayed too far from its roots? 

No I do not it is still Burlesque in the day when I was doing my aggressive art number, some said this is not Burlesque. I shot them the bird & said it is now. 

19 If you were to pass on three pearls of wisdom to the neo burlesque performer, what would they be and why! 

Do not GET on the floor.
Always have you act together before you show it to the world. If it’s no complete wait till you have it together. 

Thank YOU very kindly for your love of Burlesque
Camille Sands