Sakura Cyanide

“Dark Cloud”.

Sakura Cyanide is madness personified. Inspired by their favourite music, Sakura creates lyrical neo-burlesque routines with a strong rhythmical drive with a savage character injection. Drag inspired, kinky and queer cabaret, full of circus tricks with a hard edge. Described s ‘more likely to break your neck than your heart’ the ‘qxeen of Fetlesque’.

1 How did the idea for the act come to you?

I have wanted to use the track that I use (You will see me by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip) since I started burlesque. I remember asking Emma Ruth(The Divine Miss Em) when I first started burlesque classes and making my first routine whether it was ‘too much’ or ‘too weird’. It means so much to me and I created the act at a time in my life where I really needed some strength, power and belief in myself. 

2 What issues did you have making the act?

First hurdle was actually coming up with a concept to fit the song that ignited something in me, when that finally came it was a case of throwing myself on stage with it and getting that stage time. 
Learning a full spoken word lipsync performed by a big beardy man from Essex was also a challenge but have been wrapping my lips round those syllables for almost 2 years now and it’s become like second nature. 

3 What happened when you first started performing the act? 

I was really nervous, I wanted it to be perfect as it was such a labour of love. But the second I got up on stage, I just felt it and everything flowed so naturally.

4 How has the act changed over time?

Not a lot really. It’s a very simple concept that is all about fierce face and emotion so I have just worked solidly on that since it’s creation.

5 What came first? The costume, the music, the choreography etc.

The music always comes first for my acts. I’m not much of a dancer, but am a classically trained musician so like to think I have a really good ear.

6 If the act has some personal meaning, does that same emotion still drive you? Did you use the act to help cope or overcome a problem? Did it help?

Yes, so I alluded to this with my first response, but I created this act shortly after I came out of hospital from a failed suicide attempt. I suffer with PTSD, largely from sexual trauma and at the time I was in a relationship with someone who was angry, narrowminded and controlling. I had lost all sense of who I was and needed to do something for me and me only. 
The act still helps in that respect. I am quite shy IRL but live so much through Sakura and their fierceness on stage. Most people read the poem in the context of getting over someone, a failed relationship, an ex partner, but for me it is a message to my old self that would always bend for others. 

7 Have you ever been asked to change part of it? 


8 Is there anything missing from the act you’d like to be in it but can’t due to logistics, prop dreams,money etc? 

Again, no. 
I am really lucky that my best friend is a costume designer and has made most of my feature pieces for me.
I think having loads of huge props would really distract from the key elements of the routine anyway.

9 Where did you first perform the act? 

East of England Burlesque Festival 2017

10 And what has been your favourite time performing the act. 

There are 2 that spring to mind; I performed it at Milk last year and managed to silence the entire drunk audience before I started, that and Woof, a night very close to my heart with close friends Chiyo and Benjamin Butch, I performed to a packed out basement at the glory including my brother and a really dear friend on their last night in the country before moving back to the US.

11 If you were creating this act again now, would you do anything different? 

Nothing, I love it. 

12 Do you ever ask particular people to critique your acts, or do you listen to random ones that suggested changing music, a pose or adding a prop? If you did get critique did you change it? Why/why not? Did it help?

I’ve not had any actually, but always open to feedback