Misty Lotus

Misty Lotus is an award-winning international Indo-Swiss artist. She has produced shows in Berlin and in Switzerland, toured around many European countries and the US.
She won Queen of Burlesque at the Bohemian Burlesque Festival in 2017 and was crowned a Queen of Fire tassels by Satan’s Angel herself.
Recently, she has opened her own school… The Swiss Burlesque Academy in Lausanne, an inclusive safe haven for people to learn to love and work with their bodies.
She is inspired by the mystical and the magical and her signature trade is Fire, that holds a special place in most of her acts.
Her Signature acts include the Peacock, a tribute to her Indian heritage, a highly emotional and beautiful act embodying the National Bird of India; and of course the Dragon… a fiery and fem incarnation of the magical beast itself!


1 How did the idea for the act come to you

The idea was so obvious to me . I am absolutely fascinated by all mystical and magical creatures and beings, and being a fire performer, I absolutely had to do a dragon act! by the way, contrary to what most people believe, this act is absolutely not inspired by Game of Thrones even though I love the series. if you’re booking me, I don’t care if you introduce it as a GOT act if it helps you boost sales though or helps me fit your theme .

2 What issues did you have making the act.

I remember struggling to find a costume designer to do the wings. I received no answers at all from many of them which was maddening at that time because I wanted to go ahead with it… but having said that, I am so glad it was difficult because it led me to Jamie Von Stratton who was an absolute pro from the start and seeing her magnificent costumes, I just knew she could do something absolutely gorgeous. Also I had ordered a beautiful flame cage bra from a site like etsy with matching G-String, and the creator told me she had shipped it, however a month later, it still hadn’t arrived! I messaged the creator who ghosted me, and I notified the website admins who finally got her to admit she hadn’t made it at all. Thankfully I got reimbursed and I ordered the fire matching pair of golden lingerie at Ann Summers and made something myself. I am still quite happy with the lingerie even though it doesn’t hold a candle to the original design.

3 What happened when you first started performing the act.

I premiered it on holiday in London at Mariposa Bop Apothecary Cabaret (Thank you again for trusting me!). I was quite nervous the first time as I had already done a few photoshoots with the costume and I was scared that I couldn’t live up to it !
This act clicked immediately though. I loved it instantly. I was happy with it, especially the energy, even though my movements needed more time to be perfected as I am not a dancer. I still get people in the audience to film me every now and then to check what works, what doesn’t and to always try to do better!

4 How has the act changed over time.

Everything is amplified. The energy has become more playful , and definitely more sexual. I have a new Dragon Egg, much studier than the last 2 I made as this one is a 3D printed one.

5 What came first? The costume, the music, the choreography etc.

The costume came first as I knew I wanted to be a dragon. I then had a very clear idea of how I would move on stage . and the music came much later after spending hours upon hours listening to all sorts of music.

6 If the act has some personal meaning, does that same emotion still drive you? Did you use the act to help cope or overcome a problem? Did it help?

When I was thinking of this act, I wanted to be proud and own my sexuality on stage as a plus-size POC woman. I feel that as a group we are under-represented and that, in Switzerland, the only women I saw do this were artists with beautiful size 8 bodies. I felt my body is beautiful too, and if I were to be a true Dragon on Stage, the only way to do it properly is OWN everything about myself and turn the heat up (with or without fire).
This drives me even more so today!

7 Have you ever been asked to change part of it?

Of course shorten it !
I have shortened it to 6 min for a festival once and feel like I am terribly censoring myself. I also feel that this act doesn’t seem so long since 2 min are fire performance and I feel if you are showcasing a special skill, you should be allowed extra time. I have shortened the bit with the dragon baby since the video, but not massively.

8 Is there anything missing from the act you’d like to be in it but can’t due to logistics, prop dreams,money etc.?

Yes. I want the plush dragon to spit fire to light my fire sticks. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but was unsure of the logistics of it. I’ve finally found someone to help me do that, so it should be updated by this summer.

9 Where did you first perform the act?

Mariposa Bop’s Apothecary Cabaret.

10 And what has been your favourite time performing the act.

Many, many times… But the Bohemian Burlesque Festival, where I won the title of Queen was one of my most powerful performances. I think where I have a big stage is where I do best with this act.

11 If you were creating this act again now, would you do anything different?

I don’t believe in regrets, but maybe change the fabric of the dress to make it more flexible… But I still love the fabric though so I guess I wouldn’t do anything differently.

12 Do you ever ask particular people to critique your acts, or do you listen to random ones that suggested changing music, a pose or adding a prop? If you did get critique did you change it? Why/why not? Did it help?

Some people find me too sexual… (not a lot, and this I only hear from Swiss people), A person once told me I “looked too porno” on stage… Which is fine… Everyone is entitled to their own taste. But I can’t help feeling if I were smaller, this would be more acceptable. So I give it all. I am aware that people might feel that way since they are not used to see people like me express their sexuality. And that’s OK. But I am not going to adapt. I am going to censor myself to please a minority who are not ready for me
Constructive criticism, I always listen too and decide if the changes will still fit in my act. I was told to be more intense when birthing the baby dragon and I’ve upped the intensity. I’ve been told to shorten it, and I’ve tried but failed. I feel I am censoring too much and as a consequence the story suffered.