John Celestus

Cabaret’s Darkest Darling, John Celestus is an International headliner. Juggles with Different forms of art as Drag, Boylesque, Contortion, Charleston and Swing Dance.Being the first ever Greek boylesque performer, he has Graced stages thought Europe and America. Among others he has performed in Greece, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and UK

1 How did the idea for the act come to you

The very first version of this act was made for a big event for a horror company. I wanted to play with this imagery and I just loved these songs from Tiger Lillies. After this show, I felt weirdly connected with the character, so I actually started working on it.

2 What issues did you have making the act.

The hardest part was to create a storyline and put inside little sectret parts that connect me with the deeper layers of the character. On the other hand, because it involves contortion, the rehearsing itself had practical difficulties.

3 What happened when you first started performing the act.

I received a lot of positive comments because it is different than most of the acts you see at a cabaret show. I feel that somehow it touched the audience.

4 How has the act changed over time.

Dramatically. I sort of left the character evolve organically. Because it has a very big part of myself, every time, I was letting my emotion drive me and there always are small changes, because it gets very personal every time.

5 What came first?

The costume, the music, the choreography etc.It was the costume

6 If the act has some personal meaning, does that same emotion still drive you? Did you use the act to help cope or overcome a problem? Did it help?

The act is the story of jack , the twisted pierrot. A pierrot with depression , who loses his innocence , loses his mind and joins the freakshow. Its all about taking away all the restrains, leaving a broken soul.

7 Have you ever been asked to change part of it?

I have. I refuse to change it though.

8 Is there anything missing from the act you’d like to be in it but can’t due to logistics, prop dreams,money etc?

I don’t feel there is something missing, material wise. I guess, it will evolve a little more overtime.

9 Where did you first perform the act?

I think it was 2015.

10 And what has been your favourite time performing the act.

When I performed it at the Stockholm burlesque festival.

11 If you were creating this act again now, would you do anything different?

I really cant tell, as I am a very different person now and my mental health is also in a very different place.

12 Do you ever ask particular people to critique your acts, or do you listen to random ones that suggested changing music, a pose or adding a prop? If you did get critique did you change it? Why/why not? Did it help?

I always listen to peoples’ feedback and I tend to filter what comes from a good place. I also trust the opinion of my good friends.