Trixie Blue

Teacher Bio:

Trixie Blue is an international multi-award-winning burlesque performer who runs the burlesque entertainment enterprise House of Trixie Blue. Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Masters of Research degree specialising in burlesque. Not only this, she has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge, along with her infectious enthusiasm to deliver a burlesque experience you will never forget.

Performer Bio:

The International multi-award winning burlesque enchantress (Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 at the Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival, Bohemian Princess 2017 at the Bohemian Burlesque Festival Prague & 2016 1st Runner up title at the British Crown at the World Burlesque Games), Trixie Blue, is highly acclaimed for her seductive prowess and jaw dropping performances, captivating audiences for a decade.
Her repertoire showcases the beauty and debauchery of burlesques transgressive form; from fierce seduction in Trixie’s interpretation of Fran from the film Strictly Ballroom to her playful, sensual striptease acts. Not only this, Trixie is an established compère & show producer, hosting shows throughout the UK, predominantly her North East home. Her academic prose, quick wit and terrible dating stories leaves audiences giggling in their boots.

House of Trixie Blue Bio:

House of Trixie Blue is an enterprise of entertainment, specialising in the art of burlesque since 2009. As we love burlesque so very much, we have opened our doors to everyone aged 18+ to get involved with burlesque however they see fit. Whether is it to attend our studio or online burlesque classes, book UK national performers for your show or perhaps attend one of our shows (always book as soon as possible, as we sell out!), there is always something for everyone under our roof. Our approachable and enthusiastic nature creates the foundation of our business, in which we strive to maintain an ethos as an accessible and inclusive burlesque entertainment company, where blue is not just a colour, it is a lifestyle.
Awards:Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 – Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival Bohemian Princess 2017 – Bohemian Burlesque Festival1st Runner up British Crown 2016 – World Burlesque GamesBest Established Performer June 2015 – Big Burlesque ShowdownPin up Teaser 2015 – Tea Time Tassel OffSolo Burlesque Performer of the Year 2014 – Teaser AwardsPin up Teaser 2014 – Tea Time Tassel OffTestimonials:House of Trixie Blue’s Lessons – “After being interested in the beautiful art of Burlesque for some time, and a need to re-build some feminine confidence, I started lessons with the amazing Trixie Blue. After countless questions from me and many e mails back and forwards I plucked up the courage to go. Trixie has an uncanny ability to make you feel completely at ease, and her friendly teaching skills are second to none! Come and have a go with House of Trixie Blue, you are guaranteed to have fun, and may also surprise yourself!” – LouiseHouse of Trixie Blue’s Shows – “Just had to say a Huge Thank you to all the performers from last nights venue[Showcase event of the burlesque students]…as a group of 8 let’s say middle aged lady’s lol this was our first look into the world of burlesque and WOW what a treat we got…and a great excuse to dress up, Everyone was amazing. Again Thank You All, and we can’t wait to do it all again ASAP 🙂 you and your girls are amazing!!!” – Sally and Co.

1 Which do you think is better for students one continuous course lasting several months, or short thematic courses (up to 4-5 meetings)?

When I am teaching burlesque, my personal tried and tested method of delivery are 6 weeks courses. It gives learners the opportunity to get to grips with various elements of the art without being too overwhelming. We do have a right good giggle.

2 Do we need pedagogical education to be teaching burlesque?

I believe that a pedagogical background is super useful when teaching burlesque. For one, it offers you the theory behind your teaching style, plus, the all-important differentiation to ensure all your learners are included within each session. The level of a pedagogical background doesn’t necessarily need to be full on PGCE but a CertEd/PTTLS/Fitness Instructor/IDST would give a useful insight in lesson planning/delivery/reflection.

4 Where are you based

Luckily for me, I am based in PARTY CITY aka Newcastle upon Tyne. I have the absolute pleasure of running weekly courses based in Newcastle. Further to this, I offer mentoring programmes via skype and workshops around the WORLD! The world is my…studio so to speak haha!

5 How long have you been teaching

I have been teaching for 15 years and 6 of these are dedicated to teaching burlesque (10years in total in the burly industry).

6 Describe your teaching style in three words.

It’s the elevator pitch this one innit. OOH so teaching style in 3 words: enthusiastic, approachable and passionate.

7 What do you hope students take away from your lessons?

My passion in life is to enable others to unleash their unique qualities and encourage everyone to have so much fun. I apply this to my burlesque lessons as life is far too short not to have a huge dose of the F word (FUN, you dirtboxes hahah). This is pretty much what I hope that my beautiful students take away from my lessons.

8 Do you think Burlesque teachers should be experienced Burlesque performers too?

I believe teachers should practise what they preach, so yes, being an established performer is a must in my book. Could you imagine if I started lecturing in bricklaying just because I picked up a brick one time? Warning!!!!

8 Do you think we should have accreditation for burlesque teachers?

100% yes. It showcases to students that you are of a professional standard, gives you something to work towards and continually develop to contribute to an expanding industry.

9 Do you teach anything other than burlesque?

I am a lecturer by trade and have a background in teaching performing arts/English/film/research skills (once I had to cover GCSE maths but enough of that horror story), so I run my burlesque classes in the same way as I would in an educational institution (without all the red tape and bull sh*t). OOOH and I teach FlexiBlue, a beginners/improvers course of obtaining your splits. Best party trick in the book.

10 What’s the most important thing your students have taught you?

My wonderful students have provided me with so much joy over the years. They have taught me so so much!!!!!!!! Its very overwhelming and amazing.
The most important lesson my students have taught me is to embrace the joy of others success. I can’t get enough of hearing their success stories, overcoming barriers and smashing their own goals. Always so so proud of them.