Miss Behave

Miss Behave is the pinup firecracker from Antwerp. Performing all over the globe she mezmerizes her audience with sass and danceskills.This lady is raining queen of the Rome burlesque festival and tonight especially here for you. Miss Behave is a professional trained dancer from Amsterdam living in Antwerp. Performing and teaching burlesque for 4 years. She ran her own burlesque academy for the last 4 years with more than 300 students and 150 bachelorette workshops and over 16 sold out shows. She stopped the school last year to focus on her international career and teaching and performing abroad . Performing and teaching in Rome, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Malta, Paris, Amsterdam she is now touring Europe after she came back from las Vegas and Canada. She alao hosts, sings, choreographs.

1 What’s the biggest challenge teaching burlesque?

I think its challenging if you teach to be fresh and new all the time and creating new innovative classing and being inspiring even on your own ‘off’ days

2 Which do you think is better for students one continuous course lasting several months, or short thematic courses (up to 4-5 meetings)?

For me I think steady continuous classes are better but that also depends on the city you’re in.

3 Do we need pedagogical education to be teaching burlesque?

Yes ! Because you trach not only the body but also the mind in burlesque its very important to know exactly what you are doing.

4 Do you teach burlesque as a dance class or something different?

Yes I graduated dance academy so before I started teaching burlesque I taught musical theatre, lyrical jazz, hip-hop and ballet.

5 What steps do you take to ensure your classes and workshops are accessible to participants with disabilities/long-term health conditions? How do you adapt your classes for different people? (inclusion)

Well actually I never make a difference between anyone. I have taught woman without uteruses, breasts, who were deaf and a plus plus size man etc, and I just teach my class and adapt to what they need and require in the class. So they feel comfortable but not different. Because to me every beaitiful human is equal .

6 Where are you based


7 How long have you been teaching

Since I was 16, and burlesque since 4 years. Im 30 right now.

8 What do you want your students to get from your classes.

Happiness, empowerment, new skills and a passion for burlesque

9 What things do you think people don’t realise about what you do.

That im actually a softy. I look very tough amd extremely passionate but I overthink everything and just want everybody to be at their ultimate best.

10 Pros and cons of your job

Pros ! Building a community and feeling on top of the world and liberated.
Cons ! Sometimes the financial aspect can be tricky

11 Describe your teaching style in three words.

Profesional, fun, creative

12 Do you think Burlesque teachers should be experienced Burlesque performers too?

Some people are better just as teachers and some are better as just performers. Not everyone has the ability and lust to do both. For me personally I want yo be the best version of myself in both ! I feel that being on stage and travelling gives me knowledge to teach others

13 What do you wish you knew before you started?

That you cant make every student happy. Sometimes you just have to let go of expectations.

14 Is your teaching style influenced by other styles of dance/performance? If so, what?

Yes because of school I try to use all my moves and styles I can.

15 Who have your favourite teachers been?

Trixie Tassles

16 What is one piece of advice you would give to new performers?

Don’t give up. F the movie burlesque and be as creative as you can. Because you can literally do anything and be everything you like in burlesque. Dony copy but get inspired by other performers and make your own statement. There is no 2nd you anyway.

17 Are your classes LGBTQIA friendly and how do you make your space LGBTQIA friendly

Yea ! Everyone is welcome. We are one big happy glittery family.

That you cant make every student happy. Sometimes you just have to let go of expectations.