Kiki Chérie

Kiki Chérie is a Swedish/Finnish burlesque performer, currently living in Oslo, Norway. She is a classically trained dancer, who also competed in Streetdance/Hiphop during her younger years. She has bumped and grinded her way into the hearts of audiences all over the world since 2013 with her perfect combination of musicality, flirtacious personality and superb showmanship.
Kiki Chérie has been doing burlesque since 2013, and teaching it continually since 2014. She has been a dancer since the age of 12, and has taught dance (jazz, heels and feminine vibe) since 2008. She is the Head-Mistress of the Oslo School of Burlesque in Norway. During her classes the focus point is to embrace ones own femininity and sensuality. Finding that confidence within and learning to love yourself and your body. All while learning the moves of burlesque mixed with classical dance technique.

1 What changes have you seen in the community? 

– I am proud to be a second generation of Norway Burlesquers, helping to spread burlesque in Norway and develop new performers. In the past 3-4 years the community in Norway has grown lots!

2 What’s the biggest challenge teaching burlesque?

– What do they want? Haha, I find it a little bit hard to get everything I want to teach into one semester. I have so much I want to teach and share, while also giving my students what they want to learn.

3 Do we need pedagogical education to be teaching burlesque?

– I’d say so. Maybe not education, but experience. At least the ability to be pedagogic to be able to teach, and also to have the ability to see each individual student and “read” them and their level, to be able to help and reach them.

4 Do you teach burlesque as a dance class or something different?

I teach it as a dance class with some jazz and ballet technique.

4 Biggest moment of pride?

– Seeing my students grow and reach their goals of performing in shows/festivals. And also the students who reach out to me telling me how they’ve grown in themselves, and their confidence. I am beyond proud to have been a part of some peoples road of recovery.

5 How do you break down class?

– I start with a warm-up, some technique training and then choreo practice.

6 Where are you based?

– I am based in Oslo, running the Oslo School of Burlesque.

7 How long have you been teaching?

– Burlesque since 2014 and dance since 2008.

8 What do you want your students to get from your classes.

– Confidence. And the love of movement (and burlesque of course).

9 What things do you think people don’t realise about what you do?

– All the work you put in behind teaching a class. The dedication, preparation (finding music, choregraphing exercises and grouprutine), promotion..

10 Pros and cons of your job?

Pros: Doing what I love (which is sharing my passion of burlesque and dance). Getting to see the excitement and burly fire starting. Seeing people grow stronger and more confident for each class. I grow, as a person, a performer and a teacher.
Cons: It takes up a lot of time.

11 What’s your favourite aspect of burlesque to teach?

– Being feminine. Helping others find their sensual feminine side and werking it.

12 Do you embed theory into your teaching?

– Yes. Theory sometimes makes the movement make more sense.

13 Describe your teaching style in three words.

– Joy. Support. Excitement.

14 What do you hope students take away from your lessons?

– I hope that they get better acquainted with themselves and their bodies. More self-love.
And if they want to grow as performers; new ways of moving and experimenting.

15 Why did you start teaching Burlesque?

– I saw a hole, something we didn’t have. We only had one teacher in Oslo. A wonderful experienced one with her own particular style and I saw my experience from teaching dance as something to blend with burlesque. For students to learn a different style of burlesque, with added dance technique.
So when I was asked to teach for a lokal dancestudio I jumped on the opportunity.

16 Do you think Burlesque teachers should be experienced Burlesque performers too?

– Absolutely. The experience gives the teacher even more to share and teach.

17 Who would you love to learn from? Past or present.

– Everyone. Haha, I always say that you never stop learning, and even if you take a class and walk away having learnt “just one thing” – That’s one new thing you’ve learnt!

18 Is your teaching style influenced by other styles of dance/performance? If so, what?

– Oh yes. I am greatly influenced by ballet, jazz, (Bob Fosse!), latin/ballroom dance, waacking, voguing, old school classic burlesque & bump and grind.

19 Who have your favourite teachers been?

– Rubyyy Jones and Perle Noire have both been very memorable teachers, with their love and expertise. I’ve learnt a lot from taking their classes.

20 What is one piece of advice you would give to new performers?

– Dare to show them You. Who You are.

21 Are your classes LGBTQIA friendly and how do you make your space LGBTQIA friendly

– Absolutely! We welcome everyone. All I ask is an open mind and a will to try.