Freaky Candy

Freaky Candy is a mixture of refined and graceful movements, joined with self-irony and humor.
She tastes as a cupcake covered by spicy and colourful glitters.
She is an international performer, a producer and a burlesque coach in Rimini, Riccione and all over the world, including the famous Miss Indigo Blue Academy of Burlesque in Seattle!
She is the first Italian coach teaching at BurlyCon, the only burlesque education convention in America.
Born in Rome, Freaky grew up studying ballet from the age of 5.
In 2006 she shifted her attention to belly dance and in 2011 became captivated by the dramatic and magical world of Burlesque and started studying in Rimini .
The year after, as Freaky Candy, she started performing, as established performer in a burlesque troupe, at many different theatres across Italy.
In June 2014 she starts her solo career, frequently studying with International Burlesque Stars.
During the next years she performs in the most famous festivals around the world including: the Munich Burlesque Festival (2015), the Windy City Burlesque Festival a Chicago (2015), the Amsterdam Burlesque Award ( 2015), the Geneva Burlesque Festival (2016), The Great Burlesque Expo a Boston (2016) where she wins the “MOST BEAUTIFUL” Award 2016 with ” The Red Ribbon” act, the Vancouver Burlesque Festival (2016) as Featured International Performer and the Show Me Burlesque Festival a St. Louis(2017).
She produces Shows and Workshops in Rimini, Riccione and Pesaro and workshops and courses in cooperation with National and International Performers.
On October 2015 she founds Cuore e Burlesque A.S.D. now famous as the House of Burlesque in Rimini and Riccione .

1 Which do you think is better for students one continuous course lasting several months, or short thematic courses (up to 4-5 meetings)?

I think the continuous course is better not only in order to have a better understanding and practice, but also to create a close -knit group of women that support each other and bound. This is the vey first thing that I say when I introduce my classes to newbies. I want my classes, my school to be a safe space for women, where women support each other and build up their self esteem and sassiness. There is no space for trash talk or judgements. As I always say my biggest goal is to create a group of strong and naked warriors!

2 Do you teach burlesque as a dance class or something different?

When I teach Burlesque I explain to my student that Burlesque is not a type of “dance”. I do teach dance moves and techniques of course, but there is so much more that I really want they all understand that it is not a dance course. You can do Burlesque without dancing. It is possible and real. I think that if you think to Burlesque just as a dance this will limit your creative process. I work a lot on body movements and I believe that having control and awareness of your body helps a lot to move in the space and have a more powerful presence. My classes are a mixture of dance, theatre, comedy, skills and politic. Burlesque as politic. This is so important to me.

3 Biggest moment of pride?

Every time I see one of my students blossoming. I cried more than once during classes watching my students reharshing their acts.

4 Where are you based.

I am based in Italy, in Rimini and Riccione ( 3 hours from Venice ).

5 How long have you been teaching

.I started teaching ( workshops) in 2014 and I opened my school in 2015.

6 Do you embed theory into your teaching?

Totally yes! Especially when I talk about the burlesque persona and character or when I explain how to use emotions in what we do on stage. Plus, every year before Christmas I organize a Burlesque History storytelling Aperitivo, sharing books and images of Legends and of our history.

7 Describe your teaching style in three words.




8 What do you hope students take away from your lessons?

Empowerment and awarness.

9 Why did you start teaching Burlesque?

One day I was in my bedroom. I was naked, just wearing a light pink lingerie I have from a long time and never used. I was looking at my body on the mirror and for the very first time, at the age of 32, I liked what I saw. I liked my body so much I turned on. I was shocked and pleased at the same time about what I was feeling. I was so used to only see defects that when they vanished my mind was blown away. I opened my eyes and the view I had in front of me was so incredible… I not only talking about my body, but about the feeling of all your limits and fears collapsing, crushing. The feeling of being beautiful, sassy, fearless, fierce, powerful. This was the moment when I decided to teach Burlesque, because Burlesque opened my eyes. I believe every woman needs to feel this way and this is the most important goal I have for each of my students.

10 Do you think Burlesque teachers should be experienced Burlesque performers too?

Yes. I know people have different opinions about this, but my question is always the same: how can you teach Burlesque if you never get naked in front of an audience? You can teach dance moves, you can teach to use a specific prop or whatever else. You can be the best dancer, contortionist, aerialist ever. But being naked in front of an audience is something that you have to be experienced. How can you guide someone to this if you have no idea of what is this about?

11 Do you think we should have accreditation for burlesque teachers?

Big Yes. So many arts and sports need accreditations to be valid. This doesn’t exist in Burlesque and it is often problematic for women who want to learn Burlesque but have no idea. So it happens they spend time and money in burlesque schools that are managed by non professional people. This happened to me at my very beginning actually and I am still pissed off when I think about all the money and time I wasted and how it turned me into a more insecure and fragile person. Non pro can hurt people. Especially if we think about emotions and self-esteem. We all know how hard is to get naked and look to our bodies in the mirror at the beginning. I can’t stand body-shame in Burlesque classes and this can happen when the teacher has no idea about what this Art is and about the history and the politic and feminism involved in this art form. I have been body-shamed by my “teacher”. Fuck that! We do need accreditation. Urgently.

12 Is your teaching style influenced by other styles of dance/performance? If so, what?

I come from ballet, bellydance and some tribal fusion. Especially bellydance/tribal fusion techniques influenced my body control and body parts isolation. I do use these techniques a lot to make my students aware of all those muscles women are not used to use, especially in the pelvic area. I have so many bump and grind options in my classes that my students need to write them down on a piece of paper sometimes! But, as I said already, I use dance techniques to improve control and awarness of bodies. Dance is not a must in Burlesque for me. It can be a beautiful plus, but not a must.

13 Who have your favourite teachers been?

I have studied and I still study with many inspiring colleagues. I do have some favourites, but this also includes emotional attachment and friendship that are hard to separate. I love to have a guest teacher in my school every month so to give my students the opportunity to improve learning different techniques from different artists. I don’t want they grow up as little Freaky Candy copies; I want they blossom as a unique Burlesque persona. I think that each one of us has her/his specialty and that it is no possible for me to say “she/he is the best”, because everyone has her/his own magic power to share.

14 What is one piece of advice you would give to new performers?

Never ever work for free. Don’t be hurried. Never stop studying.

15 How you deal with different genders in class- do you promote classes as female only? Female identifiers only? Open to all? Do you run any male only/Boylesque classes

I am trying hard to open a boylesque class, but this is still hard in Rimini and Riccione. Some men wrote me or called me to ask for informations but I still didn’t have the chance to open a boylesque class. Anyway I am happy that some people are showing interest; things are slowly moving. I would be happy to include men in my classes but of course I have to be sure they will be “safe” and that their intent to study Burlesque is real. My classes are not open to creepers

16 Are your classes LGBTQIA friendly and how do you make your space LGBTQIA friendly.

Yes! When I teach I always use words like “your lover” instead of “your boyfriend/husband”. If I use the word boyfriend, then I automatically include also the word girlfriend, just to give you a couple of examples. In Italy we are still very heteronormative in the way we talk, that’s why I always talk in a “all genders inclusive way”. I hope this way to talk will sound inclusive for the LGTBQIA students and start to sound familiar to my straight ones. I know I can’t change the world, but I believe that if everyone start to pay attention on this “little” ( not little) things, then the change will happen at one point.

Italy’s freakiest and sweetest ass-et!
“Most Beautiful” Great Burlesque Expo 2016
The very First Italian Perfomer teaching at BurlyCon (2018)
Foundress of “Cuore e Burlesque” – The House of Burlesque in Rimini and Riccione.
Performer, Burlesque coach, Producer.
(Italy’s freakiest and sweetest ass-et!”Most Beautiful” Great Burlesque Expo 2016The very First Italian Perfomer teaching at BurlyCon (2018)Foundress of “Cuore e Burlesque” – The House of Burlesque in Rimini and Riccione.Performer, Burlesque coach, Producer.