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When you take your first steps into Burlesque it’s important to choose a good teacher with knowledge of the history of Burlesque and of the current performance scene in your area. Here we ask a few well respected teachers how they guide the newcomer towards their first steps on stage.

Miss Paige

Miss Paige is Burlesque’s Dangerous Beauty, a headlining Canadian Burlesque Bombshell, Published Pinup, and Fetish Fatale. She has toured across Canada and the United States, seducing audiences with her glamorous & raunchy classic bump ‘n grind shows. With her bambi blueberry eyes, killer curves, and signature smile, Miss Paige is sure to win your heart …

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Freaky Candy

BIO: Freaky Candy is a mixture of refined and graceful movements, joined with self-irony and humor.She tastes as a cupcake covered by spicy and colourful glitters.She is an international performer, a producer and a burlesque coach in Rimini, Riccione and all over the world, including the famous Miss Indigo Blue Academy of Burlesque in Seattle! …

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Trixie Blue

Teacher Bio: Trixie Blue is an international multi-award-winning burlesque performer who runs the burlesque entertainment enterprise House of Trixie Blue. Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Masters of Research degree specialising in burlesque. Not only this, she has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge, along …

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Miss Indigo Blue

“The TwirlyGirl”Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2011Consistently ranked among the Top Burlesque Performers in the WorldDancer, Teacher, and Strip-Tease Artiste “Delicious” – Seattle Weekly“Fierce diva” – Village Voice“Obscenely comedic” – Heeb Magazine“Assured, Passionate, and Polished” – 21st Century Burlesque“One of the most Lovable and hard-working women in the genre” – Burlexe “Indigo is …

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Millie Dollar

Millie Dollar has been a staple on the burlesque scene for over a decade, dancing from Athens, to Zurich.Performing across many different oceans, she is well known for her bump and grind style, extravagant costumes, and classic vintage look teamed alongside tattoos, red lipstick, and rock & rollMillie is Liverpools supreme burlesque tutor, guiding and …

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Kiki Chérie

Kiki Chérie is a Swedish/Finnish burlesque performer, currently living in Oslo, Norway. She is a classically trained dancer, who also competed in Streetdance/Hiphop during her younger years. She has bumped and grinded her way into the hearts of audiences all over the world since 2013 with her perfect combination of musicality, flirtacious personality and superb …

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