Ask Me Anything

Members of the Burlesque Sister group had a chance to ask questions of experienced and legendary Burlesque & cabaret performers. These videos were broadcast live and members asked questions in real time. This is the archive of those chats

Miss Botero

French burlesque pioneer of the burlesque revival in the early80s. Started gog dancing at the very early underage of… try and guess.Then after of year of not-knowing-what-i’m-doing i got up to more serious things meanwhile still improving my theatrical and dancing skills. And eventually going to school when i woke up.I got my first legal paycheck …

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Red Sarah

Here is your chance to ask the amazing Red sarah anything. Notorious Fire Mamma, Burlesque Performer & Mentor, Head of The Fire School, Designer of accessories and also lovely admin of this group. Get your questions ready for Sarah.