MisSa Blue

“Award winning – extraordinarily skilled – thrilling speciality act. MisSa Blue excites with her tantalising personality and electrifies the whole room out of their seats!” (The Australian Stage)

MisSa Blue the variety star who has gained international recognition through her highly skilled sword swallowing performances. After launching her career in 2010 in London she now continuously headlines Gala events, Variety shows and Burlesque festivals around the world. Besides the intensive world wide touring MisSa is playing a leading role in Germany’s GOP Variety production ‘Freaks’, is frequently interviewed and seen on TV and spoke on TEDx. She has developed an active voice globally supporting Black Performance Art and is pioneering in the Burlesque world with her invitation to perform at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas! 

During her 20ties MisSa dreamed of a placement in Performance Art at a prestigious school in Amsterdam but entry was denied 4 times in a row because the school’s principal did not believe MisSa had enough potential to develop into a strong performer. After trying to survive a couple of years as a untrained performer MisSa started working as a Stripper and Yoga Teacher. These two jobs as thrilling an challenging as they where have taken her around the world and taught her endurance resilience and survival skills. In 2010 inspired by the Burlesque and Cabaret revival MisSa decided to move to London to give her dream career a last shot. She sold everything she owed, ignored voices from friends and family, took her €2000 and started a new life. MisSa as a late starter had to fight for her place but worked herself up from London’s underground Cabaret clubs to prestigious Varieté & Burlesque stages all around the globe transcending racism in the industry, mental health problems financial issues and unsupportive partners. She is happy to answer any question on the topics above and to Cultural Appropriation in Burlesque as this is an important subject discussed on the scene right now. However please make sure you have done your own research beforehand so a civilised conversation can be held. 

⭐️Performer at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Las Vegas & NYC Burlesque Festival 2018 

⭐️Speaker on TEDx Germany2017

⭐️Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘Fuego Carnal’, Adelaide Fringe, Australia 2017

⭐️Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘The Little Death Club’ Adelaide, Australia 2017

⭐️Award with the ‘Sexual Freedom Award’ London 2015

⭐️Runner up World Burlesque Games London 2013

⭐️Headliner Oslo Burlesque Festival 2017

⭐️Headliner Stuttgart Burlesque Festival 2017 

Coming up

⭐️ Headliner at Jeez Loueeze Black Burly-Q Chicago 2019 

⭐️ Headliner at Mobile BF, Alabama 2019 

⭐️Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2018

⭐️Bavarian Burlesque Festival 2018