Burdy is an offshoot of the Burlesque Sister project, a group of established and novice performers linking up to help improve the performance scene by swapping tips and stories.

Burdy aims  to support the development of burlesque, cabaret and performers by providing an archive of the best bits of the community wisdom.

With a growing archive of features and videos such as the Ask Me Anything interviews where established performers and promoters discuss how to improve and cope with life on and off the stage we realised that new members couldn’t find the older videos and articles – so a better archive was needed, and that’s why Burdy was made. Burdy is an archive of the best bits of the Burlesque Sister Group.

The facebook group has built up an archive of helpful tips on topics such as CVs, shows, rhinestoning, costume, music, etc and while it is not a group for casual fans with a vague interest there has been a lot of stuff posted which might be interesting to audiences and performers alike.

Who is behind Burdy?

Diva Hollywood

Burdy and the Burlesque Sister group was started by Diva Hollywood, a performer for over 15 years who has entertained audiences around the world. Beginning her burlesque career on the stage of the New York Slipper room she is based in the UK. Diva performs comedic acts engaging in raucous dialogues with her audience, known for her use of whips, wonderful tricks,  and her bawdy “end of pier” humour.


Diva started the group after the death of her own older sister, who was a mentor throughout her life. After this tragic event Diva thought to create a project to celebrate mentorship in the scene she cares so much about – Burlesque and Cabaret.

The Burlesque Sister project was started as a way to allow experienced performers to help improve the scene through the use of tips, stories and guidance. The project creates a family of performers, promoters and industry specialists and together everyone can chat and find ways to improve.


The Burlesque Sister group also has a team of extremely experienced performers and promoters who serve as moderators and administrators on facebook, and they are often called upon to unravel tricky problems.